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Friday Logistics: Don’t The Blackhawks Know It’s WordCamp Weekend??

Greetings to everyone arriving in town for WordCamp! For those of you attending Foundation Friday sessions, or just arriving into town on Friday, we’ve got some logistical things we wanted to make you all aware of.

It seems our Blackhawks had to go do something silly like win some sort of huge championship or something (Note: Go Hawks!!) and there’s going to be a massive parade/celebration/festival going on in the downtown area Friday morning and afternoon. They’re expecting turnout in the millions, so keep in mind that both public transit and the roads are going to be extra-congested, and parking may be at a premium. We recommend that people who live in the area try to carpool or take public transit, and everyone allow for lots of extra time to get downtown.

University Center is close to the area where the festivities are happening, and the public is being directed to enter Grant Park right nearby, so be patient and give yourself lots of time And traffic will certainly be affected (the only thing better than rush hour traffic is rush hour traffic with a festival!)

Official map of the Blackhawks parade/celebration (University Center is at State and Congress, and everyone following the second green arrow will be walking right by us):
Blackhawks Map
Via Chicago Tribune

To view a map of the area with nearby parking, amenities, and public transit:

or download this PDF provided by University Center: