Hello WordCampers!

And welcome to what I hope will be another fantastic WordCamp Chicago!

I’d like to first start off by thanking Heather Acton for an absolutely fantastic WordCamp Chicago 2012. Heather has asked me to take point this year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at the opportunity.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the great recap:

For the past couple years we’ve held our WordCamp at DePaul University, but this year we’re looking around to possibly try something new. We’ll be announcing that as we have more details, so stay tuned and make sure to sign up for email updates so you can stay informed!

We are also going to be shooting for either a late June or early July date.

We’ve got some really exciting ideas in mind and we can’t wait to make this year a WordCamp to remember!


Aaron Holbrook

3 thoughts on “Hello WordCampers!

  1. Tom Kepler

    I attended a DrupalCamp at the University of Chicago Law School, and it was a great venue. Classrooms, outlets at every seat, solid wifi, etc. Might be worth getting in touch with them, though subsequent DrupalCamps were elsewhere (so maybe they’ve stopped hosting this kind of thing).

  2. Tim Davids

    Awesome…can’t wait. DePaul is a great venue so no problem if it stays there. Parking was very easy, food available, great building.

    Either way…WordCamp is a highlight of the year for me.

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