Meet our 2013 Organizers!

We’re so excited that WordCamp is almost here! If you have questions about WordCamp while you’re attending, we’ll make sure there’s always someone at the registration desk, but do feel free to ask any of us as well!

Aaron Holbrook – Lead Organizer
Michelle Schulp – Co-Organizer, Head Minion, Graphic Monkey, Location Scout, Print Lackey
Heather Acton – Co-Organizer, Lead Advisor
Sylvia Lima – Volunteer Coordinator
Kari Sharp – Foundation Friday Organizer
Christopher Schulp – Location Manager
Dustin Filippini Advisor
Emily Barney – Social Media, Speaker Interviewer & Photography
Ryan Erwin – T-Shirt Wrangler
Andy Nathan – Speaker Committee, Runner
Joshua Alexander – Speaker Committee, Runner
Ana Kelly & Rick McGrath – Speaker Reception & After Party Organizers
Brian Heitz – Sponsor Liaison
Clare Parkinson – Eatery and Restaurant Liaison

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