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Stephanie LearySpeaker: Stephanie Leary
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Her book is available on amazon now: WordPress for Web Developers. You can also download this chapter from Stephanie’s newest book: Chapter 4, Working with Content

You’ve read Kristina Halvorson’s book. You know you need a content strategy. And then you open up your site’s Dashboard… How do you get there from here? Using examples from my experiences working with university departments (which Steve Krug calls “content factories”), I’ll show you how you can manage the complete content lifecycle in WordPress using plugins that are available on Extend right now.

1. Evaluating Break away from the traditional content inventory spreadsheet and do your audit in WordPress. Mark content as outdated, assign owners, and add notes in the familiar Edit screens. Get a report on your media files’ accessibility, or lack thereof. Analyze traffic to individual posts and pages.

2. Structuring Create new custom post types, taxonomies, and fields to better fit your content. Clean up your old tags and merge duplicates. Manage translations and give translators limited editing access.

3. Governing Make style guides available in WordPress itself. Improve workflow and approvals. Set up ongoing evaluations and get email notifications when content becomes outdated again. Create an editorial calendar to plan future content.

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