WordCamp Chicago 2013 Speaker Interview: Rose Fields

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As a kid, my dad called me the chief cook and bottle washer because I was the one in charge of the kitchen. Being in charge of website development, social media and support is a whole lot better than being in charge of the kitchen!

Social Web Dzine is the realization of my dream to be a work at home, single mom. I’ve spent the past 9 years refining my business goals and raising four children. Today I focus on creating customized websites for local business and non-profit organizations. When I’m not at my desk, you’ll find me vegging out to an NCIS marathon with my kids!

Rose will be presenting a session titled “Save Your Site – Stop Hackers at The Door” for Foundation Friday.  

Interview with Rose:

Why do you use WordPress?
It’s a beautiful, flexible way of creating websites that my customers love.

What do you like best about WordCamps?
I love the whole atmosphere of WordCamp. I’ve attended three WordCamps and have learned a lot of great information. But the networking and sharing information with other developers and attendees was just as important as the sessions.

What is your favorite tip or resource for a new WordPress user?
Backup your website… regularly! I use BackupBuddy and it’s an important aspect of my business.

How do you stay up to date with new information about WordPress?
Twitter – I follow a lot of people and they all seem to have a variety of sources for information.

Do you have any advice for a person who’s building a business around WordPress design/development?
Webdesign.com is a great resource for any new WordPress developers just starting out. Professor Benjamin shares a lot of knowledge on a weekly basis and has helped me grow my business a lot.