WordCamp Chicago 2013 Speaker Interview: Tobias Bäthge

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c5f5c280b3835b3d226809405a52db83Tobias Bäthge is a PhD student in the field of “Control Theory and Engineering Cybernetics” from Magdeburg, Germany. He has been working with WordPress since 2006 and is the developer of two popular WordPress plugins. When he’s not on the computer, coding or supporting his plugins, he’s probably somewhere out on the baseball field, practicing with his team.

Tobias spoke on Saturday morning about his “Tales of a Plugin Developer, or Don’t repeat my mistakes, please!

Here are his slides:

Interview with Tobias:

Why do you use WordPress?
WordPress just makes it easy to change things.

What do you like best about WordCamps?
WordCamps really are a great opportunity to meet some of the smartest people in the community in person, and it’s always a pleasure to learn from them.

What is your favorite tip or resource for a new WordPress user?
If you want to dive into contributing or coding (e.g. a plugin or theme), start off with the Codex, and then dive right into the code.

How do you stay up to date with new information about WordPress?
My favorite resource: The WordPress Core Trac! Directly following tickets and changes really is as up to date as you can get.