Wordcamp Chicago 2013 Speaker Interview: PJ Onori

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P.J. Onori is a partner at Waybury and design technologist with nine years of professional experience. He has worked for companies such as Adaptive Path, Method and Current TV and worked with clients including the United Nations, Samsung, Adobe, TED.com and Foodspotting. P.J. is a vocal advocate of open source and its important role in society. He blogs about design and technology at somerandomdude.com

He will be presenting a session titled “Design for Speed” on Foundation Friday

Interview with P.J.:

Why do you use WordPress?
WordPress is a vital project in the open source movement and plays a significant role in free speech on the internet.

What do you like best about WordCamps?
I haven’t been to one yet, so I look forward to finding that out. 🙂

What is a common problem you see in WordPress sites, and how would you avoid it?
Performance and a slightly dated approach to building websites.

How do you stay up to date with new information about WordPress?
It’s not hard. There’s so much documentation and writing on the internet around just about every subject.