WordCamp Chicago 2013 Sponsor Interview: DJ Johnny Medley

sponsor-djjohnnymedleyWhen I saw DJ Johnny Medley on the sponsors list, I knew I had to check this guy out. After exchanging a few emails, I have come to know two things: Johnny is a big fan of all things WordPress and WordCamp Chicago is fortunate to have him as a sponsor.

Interview with DJ Johnny Medley:

How are you using WordPress?

WordPress has been powering DanceMusicAuthority.com since early 2008. Thanks to WP, a “deceased” print publication has been “reincarnated” and now enjoys the full benefits of being” in the mix” once again. The music industry is a lot of fun when you have your own hub/website. Promoters, DJs and clubs are uploading parties to DanceMusicAuthority.com and life is good. Thank you WordPress!

What do you like about WordPress?

In the simplest terms: I strongly believe in the tenets of the WP Foundation/.ORG and am a big, big fan of Matt Mullenweg. It’s really a “saxophonist/jazz thing” that draws me to this cause. Artists rely upon expensive tools, yet it is free software–WP–that serves as our portal to the world. It’s time for successful artists to properly “represent” and support the .ORG

That “saxophonist/jazz thing”… the other day you mentioned you were in studio cutting sax tracks and on your blog you have pics of a couple of nice horns. It appears you do more than DJ.

That day, I was just cutting some tracks that I will use for upcoming product review videos and promos. I strongly believe it’s important to own one’s work–particularly when that work (music) will be used as part of a product review. I started playing the sax in fourth grade, but stopped after eighth grade; I started playing again in college.

In 2004, after moving into a house with my wife, I became a “practice monster.” My tracks are jazzy, “organic” house music. I listen to all styles of music and we make a lot of noise every day.

Last question, what’s your favorite power tool?

I build my own PCs from scratch and use all the popular commercial audio and video production software suites: Avid, Pro Tools; the Adobe suite; and Sony’s Vegas. My true love for audio editing is Software Audio Workshop (SAW), which was singularly created by Bob Lentini. I have used this program since 1995 and served as a beta tester. That was the experience of a lifetime, because I had an opportunity to talk with him for hours over the course of the 1990s. Lentini really deepened my appreciation for code and the power of user support forums. He also impressed upon me the negative effects of software piracy on an individual level.

WordPress is essential to us because this remarkable software allows us to interface with the world. It also goes back to ownership. WordPress allows artists to do some remarkable things. Remote teaching is an excellent example. I take remote sax lessons with two phenomenal players who use WordPress–one player for a blog, and the other uses WP for everything.

Bottom line: I plan to make beats, play the sax and shoot video for the rest of my life. Same with WordPress. It’s for life!